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Few African Americans have access to or have developed a documented link to their African ancestors whom lived in the United States and the Americas. Most African Americans are direct descendants of African slaves treated as merchandise generated at the dawn of international commerce known as the African Slave Trade. Equally other fellow human beings may not be aware of complex existence of Africans in the Americas, which also can be illustrated by a lack of knowledge of the original inhabitants of the Americas.

Slaves were considered property as a labor source, for life! Similar to other property, slaves were to be used, until useless or death.

African Slaves in the Americas provided an advantage in the world market, until the human respect for self emerged into a determination for freedom and human equality. The Human species has dominated the earth as illustrated by the extinction of other species, yet humans also compete within the human species for dominance. Human kind has always attempted to justify its dominance by claiming to seek a perfect world, failing to acknowledge the benefit of human equality to achieve a perfect human society. 


The purpose of is to illustrate the enormous complex documentation of the slave trade in the Americas from Christopher Columbus to today. Freedom and human equality may be a living thing as is democracy, requiring regeneration to be obtained and retained. While democracy is evolving, Africans in the Americas have not obtained full emancipation and others lack the full exercise of human equality. is working with supporters, universities, historical societies, archives and businesses, seeks to present a source of information to advance the understanding of our history as it develops with democracy in the Americas.

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